When this dog was surrendered to an animal shelter in Orlando, Florida, he had the definition of a long face. But luckily, one family made it their mission to turn that frown upside down.

Guapo’s incredibly sad expression affected even the pros of Orange County Animal Services.

“He just looked heartbroken,” Bryant, who works at the shelter said.

But that exact look ended up moving hundreds of people into applying to adopt Guapo.

In the end, one lucky family got their shot at trying to mend the poor pooch’s broken heart, and according to Bryant, they “fell in love with him almost immediately.”

It’s a good thing too, since getting the dog – who was since been renamed Rosco – to come out of his shell needed a lot of patience. It took new owner Ryan and Sissy a long time to convince their new pet to even take one step outside.

But slowly, Rosco made progress, and he started showing a very different side.

Surrounded by love and given the kind of forever home that everyone needs, Rosco’s depressed visage started changing along with his behavior. As his mood perked up, so did his face, and some of the footage provided by Ryan and Sissy feature the cute canine putting on something close to a grin.