Big Dog Loves Itty Bitty Foster Kitty (VIDEOS)

There is nothing cuter than seeing a big chonky pup who is stereotyped as lean mean fighting machine, fall head over heels in love with a very smol puff of fluff that is a kitten. Ruelle is a pitty that’s gone viral on social media. The sweet bean might have that big ole pitty noggin’ good for slamming hard into your shins, but she has a heart of gold. And it’s not just the adorable pitty cuteness her character has, but she also knows how to give the saddest puppy dog eyes. 

This has become a problem since they started fostering an itty bitty kitten. The kitten is very much supposed to only be with them temporarily as the find it a furever home. But Ruelle seems to have gotten so attached, that she even demands to see her. She not only looks at you with the saddest puppy dog eyes, she also will straight up talk to you.

Viewers are obsessed and can’t get enough of the opposite duo. The big sassy pup and the feisty little ball of fur are a Disney movie just waiting to happen. So many people have rushed to the comment section to beg Ruelle’s mom to adopt the tiny kitten. People just don’t wanna see the two separated, especially when they see the puppy dog eyes Ruelle gives to see her sweet feline baby. 

Ruelle gives little grunts and stomps all while giving those heartbreaking eyes until she gets to see her sweet little baby. She’ll lay down and try to keep all her excitement in because she knows the tiny cat is very fragile. She’ll shove her big noggin into the small creature and lovingly try to give it kisses and snuggles. The kitten snuggles back as if the two were meant for each other. It’s a match made in heave and I’m afraid what the online animal community will do if these two actually get separated… In the meantime, Ruelle’s mama keeps sharing more videos of the pitty demanding to see her kitty friend, and it really is not helping in the fostering cause. This kitty might have found its home simply from the demands of an adorable pup. 


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