A Texas dog shot at least 50 times with a pellet gun lost a back leg to the violent incident but is expected to make a full recovery thanks to the rescuers who came to her assistance.

716 Paws Rescue and Paw Patrol Rescue worked together to save Violet the dog, who is from Cleveland, Texas, according to ABC 13. The canine is now resting at the Family Animal Hospital of Friendswood following surgery to address her leg injuries.

“They shot her 50 plus times in both her back legs at close range,” Paw Patrol Rescue wrote on Facebook on Monday about the circumstances Violet endured. “So close that it riddled her poor small body with pellets and shattered both her back legs requiring two different surgeries to fix her.”

Dog Recovering After Being Shot 50 Times With Pellet Gun

The shooter, who has not been identified, used a “high-powered 20-gauge pellet gun” to attack Violet, the rescue added on Facebook. Despite all this, Violet is in good spirits, one of the dog’s veterinarians, Dr. Arezue Shokrollahi, told ABC 13.

Violet, discovered alone on the street after being shot, was shy around her rescuers at first, “ducking away when people would put their hand near her face or head,” according to the vet. But now, as Violet recovers from her attack and surgery, the dog’s loving personality is shining through, and she is seeking out affection.

“People behave worse with a stubbed toe than she does with these sorts of things,” Shokrollahi said. “I think she’s just very grateful to get attention, love, and to trust somebody.”

Violet underwent surgery to amputate one of her back legs but needs another surgery to address the pellets stuck in her other back leg.

Unfortunately, Violet isn’t the only horribly abused pet Paw Patrol Rescue has assisted in recent weeks. The shelter’s rescuers are also helping Harley, who was found with dozens of high-powered pellet gun wounds as well. The rescue shared on Facebook that the dog was shot over 50 times down his back as someone stood over him. Harley has had two surgeries to fix a perineal hernia that resulted from the abuse and has since had an extended stay at the vet for additional issues. Both animals’ medical bills have surpassed $8,000.

“And is it the same person or are there just many people out there who want to hurt animals? I sure hope not,” Paw Patrol Rescue shared. “Please let the right people know if you know anyone who is doing this to animals. You can report them anonymously. And if you see something, say something! The dogs don’t have a voice. We are their voice!”

Violet is expected to fully recover by mid-December, after which she will begin to look for her permanent home. Paw Patrol Rescue is accepting donations to help cover Harley and Violet’s extensive medical bills. To learn more about the rescue’s work, and for updates on both dogs, visit Paw Patrol Rescue’s Facebook page.


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