If you have a cat, it’s not unlikely that you have some odd nicknames for them, and perhaps even some that involve food. As weird as some may be, you can sort of understand most as non-sensical lovey-dovey terms not meant to be taken too literally.

Twitter user @tanu_mfmf recently revealed a very fitting food-related nickname for their cat, Mitarashi, that’s so specific but spot-on you can’t help but laugh. Sharing a photo of Mitarashi’s exceptionally round face, they compared the kitty to manju, traditional Japanesesweet dessert dumplings typically filled with red bean paste. Much like Mitarashi’s face, manju are quite round.

The traditional confectionery is definitely an appropriate sweets comparison!

Mitarashi’s perfectly round and puffy face has cat lovers on the Twitterverse completely swooning, with many unable to unseen the manju comparison. @tanu_mfmf noted that Mitarashi’s face looked a little more round than usual, but that’s likely because of the racoonish kitty’s winter coat of fur is starting to set in. Either way, she looks like manju you actually want to pet!


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