Mom Cat and Daughter Rescued from Pile of Blankets Behind City Apartment

Goldie and Kate are a mother-daughter bonded pair that were noticed sitting in a pile of blankets outside an apartment building. While the urban environment of Richmond, Virginia, may not have too many instances of predators like coyotes and foxes, busy back alleys are no place for a weeks-old kitten.

Luckily, a concerned citizen contacted the Richmond Animal Care & Control (RACC) to get the pair some much-needed help. Neither deserved to live outside as the colder months roll in.

When RACC responders found the cat and her kitten, they found blood on one of the blankets, and believe the mother had an injured paw. Fortunately, upon her arrival to the shelter, she was quickly bandaged, and her daughter was given a clean bill of health.

RACC caretakers decided to name the mother cat “Goldie” and her daughter “Kate.” Both are quite shy, and the mother is fairly apprehensive for any impromptu meetings. She typically takes a while to warm up to people. Nevertheless, both are looking for a forever.

Goldie and Kate are best suited for a quiet household. The most action the duo get into is that Kate loves scampering softly around the room chasing after small squeaky toys, and Goldie loves to stand quietly and watch her.

One characteristic of a new home Goldie and Kate wont mesh with is other animals, especially dogs. When the RACC assesses a cat’s mood around dogs, they walk a dog through the shelter room and see how the cats react. Don’t worry, neither of them can get to each other.

When this occurred, Goldie saw the dog from up in her bunk, and the look on her face said it all. She hissed and tried to swat through the kennel, like a protective mother would. Yet, homes that are dedicated to giving their cats a space of their own will be best for the mother-daughter duo.

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  1. PLEASE try to keep these Bonded Kitties together.
    They’ve been through so much, and need each other for comfort when their people aren’t around during the day.

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