A Code One alert was issued at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo after five lions escaped from their enclosure.

Staff at the theme park were ordered to go to ‘safe zones’ in the zoo as authorities tracked down the animals.

A statement from the zoo said: “An emergency situation occurred this morning at Taronga Zoo when five lions were located outside of their enclosure.

“The zoo has strict safety protocols in place for such an incident. All persons onsite were moved to safe zones and there are no injuries to guests or staff.”

Thankfully, after a no-doubted panicked search, the animals were found and put back in their enclosure.

Taronga Zoo says the lions are ‘being closely monitored by zoo staff’.

“The zoo will open as normal today. Further details will be provided when possible,” the theme park said in a statement.

According to reports, no visitors were in the park when the lions escaped.

Taronga Zoo has two adult lions and five cubs.

The theme park welcomed the baby lions back in August, which was the first time they had cubs in 18 years.

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