One video is going viral as a mule shows just how perceptive it can be, warning its rider of a grizzly bear that was getting a little too close for comfort.

Sure, a mule may not have the same natural weapons that a grizzly bear has. No sharp teeth, deadly claws, or the general brute strength we see in the wild animals. However, their senses are certainly heightened. These heightened senses were all this mule needed to warn a TikToker of impending danger lurking just a few feet away.

Recently, one TikToker named Amanda Caldwell shared a video to the popular social media site depicting the moment her mule, T-Bone, began alerting her of danger up ahead. According to the post, T-Bone sensed danger up ahead in the form of a perusing grizzly bear as the two were riding in the backcountry. Once T-Bone sensed the deadly predator in the distance, the mule planted his feet into the ground, refusing to move forward.

The mule gave its rider some hints as to what was up ahead, snorting in the grizzly bear’s direction. It was clear the mule was warning its rider. However, it almost looks as if the perceptive mule was preparing to square up against the predator as well.

T-Bone Warnings Save The Day, Giving Off Sounds That Would Scare Any Predator Away

The wild video has received millions of views by this point. Some viewers are even noting that the mule’s sounds are scarier than that of a grizzly bear’s roar. A few commenters even note that the animal sounded almost dragon-like.

“Good news is bears are scared of dragons,” one TikToker quips.

“T-Bone said ‘I’m big and bad, too,” another commenter writes.

Some viewers speculate that T-Bone was ready to bolt after warning its rider. A grizzly bear is quite a fierce competitor, after all. One that few animals are willing to battle. However, some mule owners share tales of their own experiences where their mules fought off plenty of predators. From cougars to coyotes, to snakes, or even black bears, commenters note that a mule can fend off some strong competitors.

“Always get off,” one TikToker shares in the comments noting that their mule took on a cougar once as soon as she jumped off its back. “She stomped him out,” the commenter relates.

“Yup,” another viewer agrees.

“Warning blast doesn’t always mean they bail,” the TikToker says. “Sometimes they need battle space.”

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