This abandoned dog found an old couch at a rubbish dump and made it hers, in a desperate attempt to feel at home. Many online users believe it’s the most heartbreaking thing they’ve ever seen.

A video showing a dumped dog sleeping on an old couch at a huge landfill was watched over 3 million times and touched people’s hearts. But despite its celebrity status, the pooch stays in the dump and may never know another home.

‘This is the only sofa you’ve ever been able to call your own’

A dog living in a dump in North Macedonia has broken hearts online after a TikTok video showing its misery went viral. Pictured sitting alone on an old sofa, the abandoned pup was discovered by Pawpers in the Ruff dog rescue.

Jessica Holmes from the charity said:

The dog in the video is one of the many dogs who sadly call the dump home. Many dogs are literally dumped here when they are no longer needed, or a litter of pups is commonly left when people cannot afford to keep them.

The video shows the sleepy pooch raising her head, alerted by the sound of an approaching vehicle, and looking worried. Her lonely, hopeless facial expression is worth a thousand words.

The text overlay on the clip reads:

POV: You’re a dumped dog and this is the only sofa you’ve ever been able to call your own.

One of the TikTok users commented:

This is absolutely breaking my heart.

The other viewer wrote:

I can’t imagine what that poor dog is going through and what happened to have him end up there.

Still in the dump

Sadly, the dog in the video is still at the dump.

Holmes explained that her charity always aims to rescue and rehabilitate the dogs. However, this can be a very long process. Many pups fear humans and do not have pleasant memories due to mistreatment, meaning there could be an increased risk of aggression.

Where there is an immediate risk to a dog’s life, the rescue team calls a vet for treatment. The dog in the video had no acute medical needs and is currently being fed and given water daily by Pawpers in the Ruff’s team.

Holmes added:

We always show the reality of our rescue work, and this shows the brutal reality of the dump. It’s an unimaginable place, a place filled with death, fires, feral dogs, and a smell that goes right through you. No dog deserves to call this place home. And we do all we physically can to help the dogs here as they have nobody else.


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