The hunt for the nation’s dirtiest dog has come to an end as Bailey Bee the black Labrador has been crowned the winner – and he couldn’t be prouder of himself under all that mud

You might have thought your pet was a messy pup – but rest assured, these dogs are messier. The nationwide search to find the UK’s dirtiest dog has come to an end, and the winner has been announced. Covered in mud from head to toe, Bailey Bee the black Labrador has been voted the nation’s muckiest pup.

The hilarious photo of the mischievous pooch was shared on Instagram and led to him winning a luxury bath time hamper worth over £100. While Bailey Bee, from West Sussex, came in first place, Buddy the golden retriever and Poppy the border collie, from Surrey, and Harvey the golden retriever, from Macclesfield, also took home runner-up prizes.

Other noteworthy entries included Kenny the cocker spaniel and Bertie the boxer who were equally covered in mud and dirt.

Leading personalised pet gift brand launched the competition after research revealed that 60 percent of owners have their car or home damaged as a result of their mucky pups – with damages costing up to £1,000.

It was also found that two thirds of us don’t like our dogs getting muddy on walks and many of us even choose a mud-free path to avoid our dogs getting dirty.

A further 20 percent of pet parents will always keep pups on a lead to stop them getting grubby, and 10 percent will dress them in a coat to keep them clean.

On average, our pups tend to cause around £100 worth of damage to either our homes or cars, whether that’s staining the carpet, soaking the car or totally ruining the porch.

And the issue doesn’t stop there, as one in five dog owners admit that their dog hates being bathed – so even the solution causes a problem!

John Smith, founder of, said: “We launched this competition in honour of the dirty dog season ahead, which all dog owners will be very familiar with – the muddy, long winter walks which can cause complete havoc in the car, the home and the workplace!

“Luckily, at, we have lots of bath time products to help combat all of that mess. Congratulations to Bailey Bee, we hope you love your new bath time routine.”


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