A tale as old as time. 

Dogs are already known for being friendly creatures, hence the whole “man’s best friend” thing. But another glaring doggy stereotype is that golden boys are the breed that will love any human the second they meet them. Kenzie Keller posted a video on her social media that instantly went viral and it’s reinforcing that golden baby stereotype. 

Recently, Keller started noticing a wild deer coming around their property almost every day. That is pretty normal up in the small town in the mountains where she lives. What was unusual about this certain situation was how one of her dogs would always go out at the same time the deer was out there. The first time she kept an eye on them, there is a fence always between them, so it was ideal. However, it seemed the two got well along. Then all of a sudden, she started to notice that the deer was coming almost every day and hanging out with her dog. 

The video shows day after day of the deer and the dog just standing there, staring lovingly into each other’s eyes through the chain-link fence. The pup and deer’s tail are wagging in glee and in one video you can see the dog dip into a play bow. An odd couple indeed, but also the most adorable. 


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