Rescued kittens can be found in all kinds of horrible conditions. If they are abandoned young on the streets to fend for themselves, it can be very dire. Recently, a woman named Chandra Smith, was having a regular mundane day, when her sister called her. On the phone she begged her to save a kitten she had just found in the worst condition. 

The itty bitty baby was all alone, soaked to the bone, emaciated, and her fur was matter over her eyes so badly, it seemed unlikely that she was not blind. Smith told her sister that this kitten looked in really really rough shape, so she wasn’t sure she could save her—but you better believe she was going to try. She worked long on the matts over the eyes. One eye seemed to clean up pretty quickly, though still appearing milky and goopy. The second eye was not so easy. She had to go through hours of work gently using a warm wash cloth to work the mat out. When she did, she was heartbroken seeing the mess underneath. Full of puss and swollen, she thought for sure this cat was blind. 

However, after only a couple days of care and love, this kitten’s personality started to shine. She was eating vigorously, loved attention, and loved to play. It was a miraculous transformation! And it was only confirmed after taking the little kitten to the vet and they were able to leave with a clean bill of health. The sister who found the kitten was originally going to keep the lil baby, but the sister who nursed her back to health got very attached, and they both agreed it would be best of she just kept her.  

So now the sweet baby is not only gloriously healing as if nothing ever happened, she has already found her human and forever home. Which apparently already includes a dog and cat. So now she as an entire family of humans and cat. 


@chandrasmith_018 Day one of me trying to save this poor kitty. I don’t know if it’s a he or she so don’t come at me for calling it a he and she lmao. I’m not an expert and we can’t afford to take it to the vet so unless you’re going to fund it, don’t mention it. Wish us luck! #straycat #kitten #sick #fyp #fypシ ♬ original sound – Chandra Smith
@chandrasmith_018 Replying to @amberjohns8 probably going to be the last update for a while. Thank you all for your support and kind words. #kitten #healthy #happy #petsoftiktok #straycat #keeper #fyp #fypシ #chase ♬ original sound – Chandra Smith

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