Hailey Morinico, 17, was home on Memorial Day when she heard the sound of her family dogs barking feverishly in the backyard.

The California teen was horrified when she looked outside and spotted a huge brown bear scaling the wall with her cubs — and trying to attack her dogs.

Hailey knew her mom’s service dog and three other pups were in serious danger.

Though wildlife experts are saying that Hailey’s actions were dangerous, she didn’t even hesitate — literally pushing the giant bear off the wall and saving her dogs in the process.

Hailey says it didn’t even register that it was a bear; she just felt the instinctive need to protect her furry children from the bigger, more predatory animal.

The shocking incident was captured on the family’s security camera in the yard, and now the footage is going massively viral.

Unbelievably, Hailey walked away with minor injuries — and all of the dogs are OK.


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