Rhino Melts Your Heart As It Turns into A Puppy After Seeing Keeper

A Twitter handle, B&S, shared a video on Nov. 11 of a rhino showing happiness in a puppy-like way after seeing his caretaker. 

The video captioned “Rhino so happy to see his caretaker he gets the zoomies” has garnered more than 1.3 million views and got over 67,500 likes on the microblogging site. 

In the video, the rhino is initially standing inside a fenced enclosure. As a keeper comes near the place, it starts jumping like a puppy making the entire nonverbal communication absolutely wholesome for the social media users. 

The unconditional love between the two is clearly seen in the video. Some viewers gave their opinions, with some of them calling it ‘sweet,’ ‘nice,’ and ‘cute’ moment. However, many users also raised concerns about keeping animals in zoos – enclosed in a limited area. 

Across the world, about 302 zoos hold 1,037 rhinos as of 2018, according to Save The Rhino, a conservation organization.


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One thought on “Rhino Melts Your Heart As It Turns into A Puppy After Seeing Keeper

  1. Agreed – no wild animal should be put into a smaller environment…
    So – what’s the solution? Allowing the entire species to be poached to extinction?
    Accredited zoos that participate in the Species Survival Programs are keeping these animals out of danger, and hopefully, keeping them going.
    There are pros and cons, but it’s the best solution at this time.

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