Five-year-old Denis is searching for a new home after being taken in by Oakwood Dog Rescue, in Hull, for the second time – he needs an owner who can provide him with the love he deserves

An adorable dog has been reunited with his owners after spending three months on the streets – but they no longer have room for him. The poor pooch, named Denis, is now searching for a new home with owners who can provide him with as many “cosy cuddles” as he can get.

He was brought to the UK from Romania in March 2021 and stayed at Oakwood Dog Rescue in Hull until an owner came forward for him. A spokeswoman said: “When he first arrived, he was very sweet but a nervous boy due to how mistreated he was in Romania.

“It took him a while to begin to trust people again but he managed to find a home a few weeks later.

“Unfortunately, it recently came to Oakwood’s attention that he had escaped from the home when his owners were away and had been missing for around three months in total.

“Oakwood struggled to gain information about the situation but thanks to the help of DogLost Lincolnshire he was finally found and safe again.

“Heartbreakingly, his family chose not to have him back so yet again he is searching for his forever home.”

The team at Oakwood Dog Rescue have been helping Denis gain weight as he had limited access to food while living on the streets.

He can live with children over aged 14 and is currently under assessment to see whether he could live with another dog.

“He enjoys going for nice long walks followed closely by some cosy cuddles. He walks very well on a lead.

“He does feel the cold so his jumper collection is forever growing. He can be timid at first but he soon makes friends and then will keep pawing at you for lots of strokes.

“He has so much love to give so is hoping his gentle and loving charm will capture the right person’s attention.”

Oakwood Dog Rescue has been helping to rehome unwanted dogs since 2009, mainly working to rescue those living a life of misery in Romania.

A statement reads: “The rescue helps all dogs they can, of any breed, where they come from in the world or age including those with special needs or behaviour issues.

“The goal is to rehabilitate and re-home them to loving homes, where they can live out the rest of their years in a happy, loving environment.

“Great things can be achieved with the help of our many generous supporters working together towards a common goal, creating more happiness for every dog that ends up at Oakwood Dog Rescue.”

If you’re interested in rehoming Denis, or any other dogs at Oakwood Dog Rescue, contact their team via

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