“One of my favorite things about his story is how he went from a dog that literally nobody loved and he turned into this dog that is loved by thousands of people.”

Dogs are known as humankind’s best friend and angels sent down from heaven. They’re not only breed and trained to help us, they are also creatures who show us unconditional love. We truly don’t deserve them. And yet, there are still people out there for whatever reason who think it’s okay to abuse dogs. It’s disgusting. 

Dog fighting is a huge problem. People will get and/or breed dogs, abuse them, and train them to fight each other for money. These dogs get treated so poorly they are either traumatized for life or traumatized so badly that many times they end up getting put down. It’s heartbreaking. Recently, however, one former fighting dog was rescued and is sharing his journey of healing online. 

His name is Scooby and he was one of many dogs rescued from a notorious dog fight ring. Many of the dogs did not make it, but Scooby was able to be saved. However, just because he was rescued does not mean it’s all rainbows and good times from now on. This is a seriously traumatized dog and he suffers PTSD just like any traumatized human would. 

So his rescuer shares his progress and how a little gentleness and a lot of patiences can completely transform a once abused animal.

The rescuers says that when the police found the dogs it was “eerily quiet.” Usually a room full of dogs, you’d hear barking, either in excitement or fear. But hope was completely beaten out of these poor babies and they were too afraid to even make a peep. They didn’t want to be the one chosen by the abuser next, so they stayed quiet. 

Now, Scooby’s rescuer, who goes by @juicemoroph online, is helping Scooby rediscover and claim his voice by teaching him to bark. He says that just like any traumatized person, he has safe spaces and when he isn’t in a safe space, he withdraws to the safe space he created inside himself. So the dog tries to basically make himself “invisible.” But Scooby’s rescuer wants this dog to know he is safe whenever they are together no matter where they are, so though he tries to keep Scooby in his safe spaces, when the dog does end up retreating within himself, he tries to meet him in there with him by being gentle and patient. 

 Scooby still has a long way to go, but the progress he has made is absolutely inspiring. He went from a dog who only knew humans as cruel and hurtful beings to trusting a human and accepting the love of one. The bond between Scooby and his rescuer is also a magical sight. You can tell that there is still fear in Scooby’s eyes, but he calms once he hears the voice of his new human. The rescuer always takes things slow with him and never over reacts when Scooby does something that was not quite the plan. 

Viewers are absolutely obsessed with this sweet dog’s journey and want to help any way they can. One follower even commented, “not to be dramatic, but I would give Scooby my organs.” This sweet pooch should be an inspiration to anyone struggling with trauma and also encourage others to help those who have been shown nothing by hatred. It may not have seemed like it for the beginning of Scooby’s life, but now it’s certain, love truly wins for this pup


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