In late August, Brooklyn Cat Cafe wrangled a Cowboy, a “very classy modern gentleman cat.” Shockingly, somebody ditched Cowboy off under the busy Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. Along with the cat, they left a chuck wagon full of cat food and said, “So long.”

Fortunately, rescuers found the scared kitty as he stayed near the food. One can only imagine what he was thinking, left abandoned and surrounded by unknown city slicker dangers on all sides.

When Cowboy’s wrangler rescuers arrived, it took them hours to coral him to safety. Then, they discovered the likely reason someone dumped the cat high and dry.

Cowboy Needed New Pearly Whites

Soon, the rescuers found that Cowboy had some serious problems with his teeth. So most likely, someone couldn’t afford health care, a problem almost everybody can relate to these days. Against all odds, Cowboy did get the care he needed, thanks to donations from kind people.

Cowboy is a big sweetie. He was so lucky to get the help he needed, particularly when his humans abandoned him in danger. It’s something rescues see all over the world, but there are, of course, better solutions.

A Cowboy in Brooklyn

We don’t know the circumstances of the person who did this. However, we see amazing nonprofit rescuers everywhere who will do whatever it takes to save cats and kittens, including many in the Brooklyn area. It’s ok to ask for help, but people may not know where to turn.

That’s the topic of another post by the Brooklyn Cat Cafe, which saw many emotional responses to Cowboy’s story. So, here’s what these experienced rescuers are seeing in the Big City, and it’s similar in many places for many reasons, like higher housing costs and pet-related costs.

One of Many Abandoned Cats Nationwide

In 2022, rescuers in NYC have seen a 25% increase in families surrendering pets, and it’s happening across the country. This is happening after a surge in pet adoptions during the pandemic.

“All of the cats in this video were found scared and confused on the street, most likely also recently abandoned. They were lucky that someone was in the right place at the right time to help them and that there was space to bring them in — a rare luxury these days.”

So What Should People Do?

The rescuers suggest those in the city contact the Animal Care Centers of NYC, which can help. The Brooklyn Cat Cafe has another helpful post if you are considering surrendering a pet in NYC.

The ACC even help people keep their pets at home while they seek placement, a “deferred intakes program.” While the website suggests promoting “your animal for adoption online,” the rescuers have a warning.

“If you try to sell or give away your pet online, you’re running the risk of encountering folks with bad intentions,” they say from experience.

But it’s always a horrible idea to put your pet outside.

We can’t bear to think what could have happened if kind people didn’t rustle up this lil’ cowpoke. Happily, Cowboy is looking for a home on the range at the Brooklyn Cat Cafe.

“Cowboy will be a delightful companion to the right home. Plus, as a polydactyl cat, he’s got some adorable thumbs. We don’t think he likes other animals and would not be suitable for a home with children,” they say.

You can follow the Brooklyn Cat Cafe on Instagram. And, follow Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC) on Facebook and Instagram.

Ginger cat found under Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, foster home

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