A group of brave Canadian snowmobilers stepped in to rescue a trapped moose that found itself stuck in a potentially deadly tree well along the path. The harrowing video shows the moment the snowmobilers find the massive animal buried deep in the snow. The moose was buried so deep that it looked almost tiny as the snowmobilers worked diligently to break it free from the frozen prison.

The Snowmobilers Saw The Moose Fall Into The Massive Tree Well Before Running To The Animal’s Aid

Tree wells are a very dangerous phenomenon for anyone stuck inside. Tree wells are so big that even a massive moose can find itself stuck inside one, unable to break free. These events form when snow piles around a tree. The snow doesn’t pile up around the tree’s trunk in a tree well because of the tree’s overhanging branches. This creates a very dangerous hollow area that masks itself as a snow bank.

According to reports, this group of snowmobilers witnessed the moose fall into the tree well. They then quickly lept into action. Thankfully, these brave rescuers also thought to catch the moment on video, recording the harrowing moments as the moose heads toward freedom. This tree well was a massive one, the video shows. The moose was entirely submerged within and it took the snowmobilers a while to dig him out.https://www.youtube.com/embed/H1FYIG8Rwdc

A statement from one of the rescuers notes that the group was riding their snowmobiles around the Taylor’s Brook Road area in the western part of Newfoundland Canada.

“We noticed a group of three moose traveling across the edge of the pond,” notes Mark Weir of the wild rescue.

“A couple of us stopped to watch them from a distance,” Weir recalls. It was at this moment, however, everything changed. One of the massive animals appeared to “fall out of sight.”

The Rescuers Waited Until It Was Safe To Begin Digging The Animal Out Of The Snow

The snowmobilers waited for the other two massive moose to move on. Then they jumped into action helping the trapped animal. Weir remembers how the group approached the moose to get a better read on the situation.

“Once the other two had traveled on, we approached the area to see what had happened,” the snowmobiler relates.

“And found that it had fallen into a tree well,” the brave snowmobiler adds. The group knew right away that the animal would not survive without help. And they knew the moose’s only hope was a brave rescue.

“Knowing that the animal would surely perish if nothing was done, we decided to do our best to give it a fighting chance and try to dig it out,” Weir explains.


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