All tails were wagging Friday after an Evans Fire Protection District rescue swimmer pulled a dog out of a pond that froze over.

The ice broke and the dog was trapped, according to the agency, and became stuck in the freezing water.

“This morning, A-shift responded to a local pond for a dog stuck in the ice,” the agency wrote on Facebook Friday. “A rescue swimmer was able [to] reach the dog and bring him to shore where he was warmed up and taken to the vet for evaluation and we’re happy to report, he is expected to be okay.”

Firefighter Brian Igli was the rescue swimmer that went into the water, an agency spokeswoman told CBS News Colorado. The dog was able to stand in the shallow, but freezing water, but appeared to be so cold, he couldn’t move around to get out.

The Evans Fire Protection District is using this opportunity to urge caution around frozen lakes and ponds, or those that might appear frozen: “This is a reminder that with the lower temps we are seeing, ice has begun to form on ponds and smaller bodies of water. Always assume the ice is not safe to be on for your or your pets.”

A spokeswoman for the agency said no one took responsibility for owning the dog and they were not even immediately able to determine who made the 911 call. As a result, an Evans police officer took the dog to an emergency vet.

A spokesman for the Evans Police Department told CBS News Colorado one of its officers brought the dog to the Humane Society of Weld County, who we’re waiting to hear back from for more information.

Similar occurrences happened last year – in Denver pond in November and a Fort Collins lake in December.

“We’d just like to remind people to be careful around open water,” agency spokeswoman Sharon Bowles said. “The water is starting to freeze over but it’s not solid or safe to be walking on.”


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