In late August, Ashley’s Kitten Academy rescuers welcomed the ‘Moo Cow litter’ of kittens. Founder Ashely Morrison took the kittens in, and they included two incredible tuxedo kittens, Bessy and Angus. These two have the prettiest black and white patterns, like Dairy cows, but with long flowing locks.

Right away, Morrison was smitten with the tuxie cows with their flowing black and white tendrils of hair, whiskers, and sparkling eyes. And who wouldn’t be?

The gorgeous Bessy and Angus obviously got their names for cows. But have you ever seen such breathtakingly cute moo-moo’s before?!

By early September, it was already time for Bessie and Angus to be spayed and neutered. That means these cows would soon be looking for a furever home/farm. But first, they needed to reach 2 pounds.

Then, one day, it was time to say goodbye to the bonded Moo Cows. Happily, they remained like two cows in a pod.

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Now, these gorgeous kittens are having the greatest time in their new home with their mom Kathy. They settled in very fast to lives of luxury as they deserved.


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