Luna is a little miracle baby and is blessed to have such an amazing mommy and best friend.

Some things never cease to amaze us, and a family made up of a dog, a human and a black panther is one of them! Luna is a black panther that was adopted by a kind woman who had experience with them, after being thrown out of her nest at the zoo. Luna’s mother refused to feed the poor baby. Luckily, the woman knew exactly what to do and how to take care of her, and lived close to the zoo. After picking her up, she realized that Luna had a few health problems, but under the correct supervision, she got everything she needs. She still has some health problems, but her mommy was told by specialists that in a few years (after being given the correct care) she should be alright. It warms our hearts to see the effort put into making her feel all better.

The panther and dog are quite a special pair. The love between them is obvious. It’s important to note that not everyone can own a panther — Luna needs a special diet, proper physical activity, and some supportive medications for her health problems. Her human mommy provides everything she needs, plus a lot of love and affection! It helps that Venza is an amazing doggo. The bond they all share looks incredible. 

Luna loves climbing trees, catching balls, playing with Venza, making googly eyes at her mommy for more treats, and snuggling under warm blankets (preferably with Venza by her side). She has an adorable personality.


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