A group of tourists aboard an open jeep had a scary experience when an angry tiger charged at them while they were clicking pictures of the big cat at an undisclosed location.

The video of the bone-chilling incident, shared by Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Surender Mehra on Twitter, shows people in an open jeep clicking pictures of the tiger after they spot him behind the bushes. Suddenly, the big cat emerges out of the bushes and charges at the tourists with a thunderous roar.

As the driver hurriedly tries to move the vehicle forward and tourists scream for help, the tiger retreats back into the jungle without harming anyone.

“Sometimes, our ‘too much’ eagerness for ‘Tiger sighting’ is nothing but intrusion in their Life,” Mehra tweeted along with the video, which has gone viral.

The terrifying video sent chills down the spine of netizens who said it was important to regulate number of tourists visiting the core area and framing certain behavioural guidelines for tourists.

“True, forest dept should regulate number of tourists visiting the core area with a clear instruction to guides to stop recklessly following the tiger … there are other wild animals to watch,” said Twitter user Raj Gupta replying to Mehra’s tweet.

“It’s important to install certain behavioural guidelines even for tourists,” said another user.

“Why can’t people maintain silence during the safari? Their noises make wild animals uncomfortable. these sorts of people should be banned from entering the forest,” commented another user.


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