People always laugh about how when it comes to adopting most animals, there needs to be a lot of planning, a lot of testing, of making sure that everyone is ready for such a change in their lives, while with cats… well, cats just happen to people. And that’s totally true. That’s how it happens a lot of times. Most times, we adopt our cats, but sometimes, cats actually adopt their humans. 

We’ve seen this phenomenon many times before, and every single time we do, it’s the most adorable thing ever. We still remember the story about the kitten who decided it was done with outdoor life and sat on a driveway of her chosen home until she got adopted. And of course, we remember the story of the injured street cat who came to the porch of their chosen humans for months until they finally caved and adopted it. And how could we forget about the previously abused kitten who choses her new humans, ran into their home, and got adopted. 

These things just happen, and that’s very much true for the case of this man who simply decided to go on a walk and ended up coming back home with a kitten.