Animal Rescue Fights for “Lucky” the Dog, Found with Spinal Injury Near Train Tracks (VIDEO)

A dog found abandoned and unable to move Wednesday along a stretch of train tracks in Montgomery County will undergo spinal surgery at a Philadelphia animal hospital. Doctors are keeping the dog as comfortable as possible on pain medications until then.

Members of the nonprofit Philly Rescue Angels found the pit bull mix, who they have named “Lucky,” near the regional rail tracks at SEPTA’s Lawndale Station.

“When we got there, he wasn’t able to move. His back leg was immobile,” said the group’s Sidara Son, who spoke to KYW Newsradio partner NBC10.

It’s unclear if Lucky is the victim of animal cruelty or if he was hit by a train. Son said she suspects foul play.

“I think they dumped him to hide the fact that they broke his back and used the train to cover up the fact that they hurt him.”

According to an update on the group’s Instagram, Lucky has nerve damage to the colon and bladder, broken teeth and some deep scrapes — and orthopedic doctors say his spinal fracture is the worst they have ever seen.

Penn Vet on Thursday released a statement on Lucky’s condition. The orthopedic surgery service at Ryan Hospital will operate to stabilize his spinal column on Friday. The surgery alone will cost about $15,000. The group is accepting donations to help cover medical costs.

“He fought to live and we are going to fight for him,” Son said.

The group says Lucky will require extensive care and assistance if he lives beyond the estimated eight weeks of recovery: “Lucky will not just receive wheels after this and be a perfect dog. He will need someone willing to help him through recovery.”

The operation will only eliminate the pain, because doctors say his spinal cord is completely severed and he will never regain function in his hind legs.

Doctors said Lucky is also at risk of myelomalacia, a fatal softening of the spinal cord resulting from impaired blood supply.

“Overall, Lucky’s long-term quality of life has a guarded prognosis due to the unknown, long-term health issues associated with this significant injury,” Penn Vet said, and they are doing everything possible to give him the best chance possible.

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  1. Hi, I do not have bunches of money; I do want to contribute $10 a month for 5 months for Dog “Lucky” spinal surgery/care. How can I help/setup this payment plan? Please. Sincerely Jeff Liberman

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