Trapped at the bottom of a cold metal dumpster at a campground in California, a little raccoon repeatedly tried scrambling up the side to freedom, but kept falling back down.

Then he saw her, a camper who looked like she might be able to help. The raccoon started jumping up and down, perhaps trying to show the woman that he needed assistance.

Christine, who asked that her last name not be used, is an animal lover and was heartbroken to see the raccoon struggling.

“I was a bit confused,” Christine explained. “I had seen raccoons jump in and out all day … so I was wondering why this one was having such a hard time … it was just nowhere close to getting out. But it kept on trying.”

Eventually, Christine realized that he needed a hand.

“He had been jumping up and down for a few minutes, at least,” Christine said. “Then he saw me and looked directly at me. He did a half-hearted jump and turned to look at me again and sat down a bit as if he was saying, ‘Look, I really can’t do this. Help!’”

Christine began searching for objects the raccoon might be able to use as a ladder. She grabbed a stick, but it didn’t have enough branches for the raccoon to hold on to. Then she grabbed a plastic signpost, but it was too slippery. Eventually, she found a fallen tree limb with ample branches. Soon, the raccoon was climbing up to safety.

Thanks to Christine’s quick thinking, the raccoon was finally out of the dumpster, back in the wild where he belonged.


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