CUTENESS ALERT: Rescue pup and itty-bitty piglet have become besties. If just the thought of that doesn’t make you squeal, then you’re a cold person… Recently, a rescue dog named Miles met an orphaned little piglet named Koda. The piglet was the runt of the liter and the only piglet to survive. To add more tearjerking misfortune, the mama pig rejected baby Koda and she was left with no family. Well, except her human family, but she was missing a fuzzy someone to show her how to be an animal. Luckily, Miles immediately clicked with Koda and they became the BEST of friends!

The duo are now inseparable. They play together, cuddle together, snack together, and teach each other many life lessons. Koda has taught her canine friend about patience, and Miles has taught Koda how to be a playful little baby. Dogs and pigs are actually quite similar in some ways. They are both intelligent and can be trained and they both form strong emotional bonds. Now, they two have a strong emotional bond formed between them and it is absolutely beautiful.



Different but equal ❤️🐾🐽 Miles & Koda’s Friendship Story!

♬ Little Bitty Pretty One – Thurston Harris

The two are growing together on a farm and just living their best life—and, of course, they’re still besties. We love them. 

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