An Irish wolfhound named Arlo is currently churning out one viral TikTok and Instagram hit after another, thrilling millions of viewers time and time again.

The larger-than-life pup and his curious adventures can be followed on the TikTok channel @bruhpuppy, which boasts 182,000 followers and counting.

A recent clip of Arlo sitting on a sofa is causing quite a stir because the four-legged-friend looks like he has a huge body that towers over the couch!

He even looks bigger than his owner, who seems like a pipsqueak seated next to him. The wolfhound’s bottom just barely fits on the coach, where he looks like he’s chilling just like a human!

The funny video has already accumulated more than 3.3 million views on TikTok, and thousands more on Instagram.

While the latest clip is capturing hearts, it’s far from the giant dog’s greatest viral success. Older posts of his have garnered even more clicks and likes.

post from late last year has risen to the top, in which the dog’s owner first stands in her doorway and invites the camera in as if it were an acquaintance.

“Just to let you know, I do have quite a big dog,” she warns viewers.

The clip then quickly cuts to her standing next to her Arlo, who reaches up to her shoulders despite him sitting down. The clip has been viewed over 10 million views times.

“You have the world’s biggest dog!” one commenter marveled. “Ma’am, that’s a horse,” another joked.

Another video, which also became a huge success, shows how the wolfhound has developed from a puppy to a full-grown doggo – an impressive sight.

It features his cute canine companions, Bertie and Ernie, too!


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