Woman Finds Kitten Double Bagged in the Trash, Same Bag Leads to Culpit’s Arrest (VIDEO)

Sometimes a truly heartbreaking story leads to a happy ending. That’s what happened for one lucky kitty. Recently, Ariel Taylor posted on her TikTok, @arielmeebs, a video of her and her friends going through some random trash. This wasn’t a dumpster diving video, this was a rescue video. What they found truly broke their hearts. 

Ariel went out late at night to toss a rotting turkey her roommates were upset about. It was her turkey she left to rot and it needed to get out of the house asap. Though she wanted to wait until the morning because it was already around 10pm, she finally agreed to do it right then. When she went down to the trash room of her apartment building she heard something that instantly sent her into panic mode: tiny kitten meows. She figured it must have been a stray that just dove too far into the pile while in search of food, but still she raced to rescue them. She went back to her apartment, got gloves and her friends to help. 

Shockingly, they found a tiny tiny kitten wrapped up in two plastic bags deep within the trash freezing cold, gasping for air, and meowing for help. They couldn’t believe how someone could have such an evil heart and do this horrid thing to such a sweet innocent creature. They rescued the little baby and immediately called the police. The police went through the trash the cat was found in and found a discarded prescription bottle in the same trash, that had a name! They were able to find the evil animal abusers and make an arrest. 

Justice for the baby! 

Both Ariel and one of the cops are in the ring for adopting the sweet baby. Ariel hopes it will be her, but she’s just happy she was able to be a part of helping this sweet baby get rescued. She’s even happier to know that this once-discarded kitten will have a warming loving home no matter what. 


@arielmeebs Also just by chance I decided to throw away the trash at 10:30pm. Timing is impeccable and my roommates and I were meant to save this kitten. Please be aware of your surroundings. @katie.green2 @charlie0parker #animalabusiveneedstostop #animalabuse #animalabandonment ♬ original sound – ariel taylor

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