All animals need help sometimes, no matter how strong or independent. Everyone has heard about people rescuing dogs or cats – that’s common, but it’s rare for people to think about rescuing all the other animals out there who need help. Over the years, we have heard some of the most amazing rescue stories of animals other than cats and dogs. We have written about a teen rescuing a chonky bumblebee and becoming friends with it. We have written about an abandoned bobcat kitten getting mistaken as a housecat and getting adopted only to start acting like a house cat anyway. We have even covered a story about the heartwarming 37-year relationship between a man and the swan he rescued. 

Today, we have another special story like that – a story of an abandoned baby deer yelling out for help. This sweetheart ran straight up to his chosen human and before he knew it, he was adopted. Turns out he is the friendliest deer ever, acting like an actual puppy. Yes, we’re in love, and you will be too. 


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