Videos showing a baby bobcat outside a B.C. home earlier this week have since gone viral on social media — racking up a million views and thousands of “likes” on both Instagram and TikTok.

Naomi Miller tells CTV News that she’s used to seeing wild animals around her Peachland property, but a visit from a bobcat is a first.

“We do get lots of wildlife here…Bears, wolves and coyotes come around,” she says. “But this was definitely a first for us to see…I actually second guessed myself, thinking it could be someone’s really cool house cat.”

Miller says her daughter was home sick from school when she spotted the animal in the family’s backyard on Tuesday morning.

“I saw the tip of his ears and I was like, ‘There’s no way that’s what it looks like,’ and I ran downstairs,” she adds.

Miller says she took the video to show the special visitor to her other family members who weren’t home at the time.

“We’re animal fanatics,” she says. “That’s kind of our love language…sending cat and animal videos to each other.”

After sending videos to a few people, Miller then decided to post it on social media.

In the Instagram video that has garnered a million views as of Thursday, Miller’s house cat can be seen pawing the glass door inside the home as the baby bobcat looks on from the other side.

Miller also posted another video to TikTok, which has received 650,000 views and more than 110,000 “likes” so far.

“The cat was just looking at us,” she says. “I don’t even think I grasped the rareness of it while it was happening until I posted it and saw how quickly it was becoming a big deal…that cat definitely has no idea it’s famous.”


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