Chunky Dog Turned into Google Maps Landmark, Receives Glowing Reviews

This dog is so big, she’s on Google Maps.

A chonky dog named Watermelon has become such a sensation in Georgia that she’s been immortalized as a local landmark on Google Maps.

Since her “land-bark” status, the plus-sized pup has received over 80 five-star reviews on the site with admirers praising the “chunky old girl.”

Indeed typing in “Watermelon Dog Georgia” in Google Maps will bring up a map of its capital city Tbilisi, where the well-marbled mutt is shown as a location titled “Watermelon Dog.” Her address is 13 Amaghleba St., across from a bank and a liquor store.

Watermelon, who takes her name from her rotund shape, was supposedly made an official site due to her penchant for sitting in one spot all day awaiting treats from tourists.

According to Twitter fans, the supersized stray — also known as “Sweet Bun” — was cared for by an elderly woman during the COVID-19 lockdown, but now resides in a cardboard box the woman built for her, reports show.

She even boasts a green tag, designating that she’s homeless but harmless (which some hilariously mistook for a Tripadvisor sticker).

Despite her wag-abond status, Watermelon hasn’t exactly been starving — mainly due to the throngs of tourists clamoring to feed her.

In fact, visitors can even buy Watermelon a can of dog food from a nearby shopkeeper, who has been caring for the chonky girl since she made Amaghleba Street home, per the Mirror.

However, he’s asked fans to keep treats to a minimum, due to her ailing health.

Much like a beloved restaurant or tourist site, the curvy canine has received overwhelmingly paws-itive reviews on Google Maps.

“Very beautiful and intelligent doggo,” fawned puppy pilgrim Maria Khoklova along with a pic of Watermelon sitting on a traffic island.

“She looks nice, and deserves scritches,” gushed another fan, while a third wrote, “Great pupper! Totally 5 stars!”

“My life will not be complete until I pet the watermelon puppy,” said another, throwing Sweet Bun a digital bone.

A fat dog has become such a sensation that it's now a Google landmark.
“Great pupper! Totally 5 stars!” one fan wrote.
Visitors can buy Watermelon cans of food from a nearby shopkeeper who cares for her.
Visitors can buy Watermelon cans of food from a nearby shopkeeper who cares for her.

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