Four horses are alive today thanks to the heroic actions of a Montana community that rescued the animals after they fell into a frozen pond.

The South Kalispell Fire Department responded Monday afternoon to the scene south of Kalispell near Patrick Creek. First responders initially tried constructing a ramp and digging a bank in the ice for the horses to climb out, but they were unsuccessful.

As more help arrived, crews began pulling a rope to help one harnessed horse out of the water. Video taken by Amber Countryman shows the agitated horses snorting in the water as temperatures hovered in the teens.

Eventually, a tractor was used to pull all the horses out of the water.

It took a village of more than a dozen volunteers to conduct the rescue mission, including fire department responders, animal control officers with the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office, staff members from Rebecca Farm and many neighbors.

The horses were taken to a nearby veterinary clinic for care and observation, the fire department said.


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