Let’s be honest, all of us cat people, have the same dream. And that dream is to get to pet a bunch of wild cat cubs. We know it’s dangerous, we know we shouldn’t, but goodness gracious, we want to. So badly. The things we would give to become like one of those people who become part of a lion pride… or like those people who raise wild cats from the time they’re cubs and are later on their best friends. It just looks like a dream. 

Of course, if we encountered a wild cat in the wild, the majority of us would – despite our dream – do the smart thing, i.e. get the heck out of there. But not this man. This man encountered a wild lynx cub just- out there in the world. And it’s true – lynxes are super fluffy and lynxes have massive mitten paws, and we would do anything to pet one of them, but probably not this. This man is either insane or an inspiration. Both. But more of the former. 


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