A quick thinking postal worker is being credited with helping save two dogs trapped inside a Maryland home that caught fire.

Postal worker Vincent Ross, a 25-year-veteran postal worker, quickly dialed 911 on Tuesday when he saw a home in Kensington, Maryland with smoke billowing out of it and knew there were several pets inside, Fox 5 DC reported.

“People walking by said they know these people have pets,” Ross told the outlet.

Ross said as he was talking to the 911 dispatcher, he could “hear one of the dogs in there barking and howling.”

Montgomery County Fire and EMS crews arrived quickly and were able to rescue Grohl, a 1-year-old German Shepherd and 11-year-old Penelope, a Labrador mix.

Both dogs were unconscious when crews found them and were intubated with oxygen the same way a person would be revived. 

Grohl was able to quickly be reunited with his owners, Laura and DeWayne Nichols, but Penelope required intensive care treatment with a vet.

“I think the dogs would’ve died for sure if the mailman hadn’t been there,” Laura Nichols said.

“You saved our dogs,” DeWayne said during a conversation with Ross after the fire. 

“You definitely saved the dogs, they’d be dead without you,” Laura added. “I just can’t thank you enough for everything. Some people would’ve just walked by and not said anything. You saved them for sure.” 

“Heroes do small acts that change people’s lives. You are the hero to our two dogs.” 

Both dogs are expected to fully recover but the Nichols family says that three cats did not survive the fire.

“I‘m just glad that I could help, you know, that’s all,” Ross said. “That’s awesome that they wanted to see me and tell me ‘thank you.”


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