Penguins Visit Elderly Patients for Christmas (VIDEO)

Every year, the Tewkesbury Community Hospital in the UK brings in different animals to visit the patients in the ward. This year, they brought in a pair of penguins, and the video is absolutely adorable.

Two penguins named Pringle and Widget visit the patients of the community hospital, waddling down the hallways, allowing the patients to stroke their smooth bellies, and generally just being the cutest things on two legs.

The pair of Humboldt penguins seem to know just how darling they are, snuggling into bed with some of the patients and stretching out so they can be stroked along their backs and bellies. “They were so warm and cuddly,” remarks Dorothy, one of the patients in the video. “I’m delighted [to be visited by them]. Absolutely delighted!”

The video serves as heart-warming bit of cheer in the colder months, and also as a reminder to reach out to your loved ones if they’re in the hospital this holiday season. You may not be able to smuggle a penguin in to see them (nor should you try), but we’re certain they would appreciate the knowledge that you’re thinking of them as much as you would appreciate having a penguin pop in to say hello.


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