Cat, Foxes and Dog All Playing in the Snow Together with Their Human (VIDEO)

Prepare yourselves, everyone, because the winter wonderland epicness of this video is insane. We have all seen adorable animals playing in the snow before. It’s heartwarming, it’s precious, we love it, that’s undeniable. And, in the past, we have also seen cats hanging out and playing with dogs. We have seen dogs hanging out and playing with foxes. We have seen cats playing and befriending foxes. But we have never seen all of it combined into one video. 

A video of a cat, foxes, and a dog all playing together in the snow with their human. It’s a lot. Seriously, this video is overwhelming in its cuteness and wholesomeness and good vibes. The friendships and joy are so strong they are practically emanating from the screen. And it’s exactly what we want to see on this pawnderful Christmas day. We hope you have an amazing Christmas and a happy new year, friends!


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