After Susan Klingenberg carried a newborn calf named Bucket home from a Maryland livestock auction, he laid down inside the house on her dog Colton’s bed — and immediately fell asleep.

“He’s just like, ‘This looks comfortable,’ ” Klingenberg recalls.

The next day, Colton, a St. Bernard mix, and Bucket started playing and running together outside as if both were dogs.

And they were “snuggling together,” says Klingenberg. “It was so cute, like two peas in a pod.”

The bond remained strong between the best friends as Bucket, now 5, grew to more than 1,200 pounds — and started kneeling down to get on eye level with the now 9-year-old Colton to play, nuzzle and groom each other.

Klingenberg, 51, a retired business analyst and founder of the Brodnax, Virginia-based Little Buckets Farm Sanctuary (named after Bucket), posted an adorable video of the two through the years on Instagram (@littlebucketsfarmsanctuary).

Bucket comes when she calls him, and she considers him a “grass puppy” because he has the same personality as a dog.

She marvels: “They truly love each other. It’s special to witness. It really has been a beautiful friendship.”


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