When Josh and Kelly Rheaume became parents to twins, they were concerned about how their dog Lucy would react to the newest members of the family.

Josh and Kelly rescued Lucy from the streets while they were dating, saying the pup has “always been a daughter” to them.

The couple was all the more excited when they had children of their own. Twin sisters Lily and Lennon were born in early 2022.

At first, it looked like Lucy didn’t think much of the babies. “She was confused,” Josh recalled to TODAY. “For about five, six days, she was very standoffish.”

“She tried to go in the car seat…trying to take their place so she could get our attention again. It was quite sad actually,” he added.

But Lucy eventually got used to her human sisters and was soon head over heels in love with them – with a little help from Josh and Kelly.

“We learned pretty quickly that what we had to do was include her in as much as we could,” Josh said. “With all the tricks that I had trained Lucy over the years, we figured that we could put them into action.”

Lucy the dog goes viral on TikTok

Josh had been having a hard time before he and Kelly adopted Lucy. His other dog died a few months prior, and he had lost his job.

“I said, ‘You know what? I don’t have a job right now. I need something to keep me company,'” he said. He began teaching Lucy tricks which would later pay off when Lily and Lennon arrived.

Josh and Kelly adapted Lucy’s helpful household tasks to meet their family’s new needs. For example, instead of fetching a beer can from the fridge, Josh now asked the four-legged friend to bring a milk bottle for the twins.

“The thing about Lucy (is) she has very good item recognition and word association,” Josh said. “(It’s) something that’s kind of imprinted in her brain.”

The Canadians have shared clips of Lucy’s helpful tricks on TikTok, amassing millions of clicks and winning the dog fans all over the world.

The neighbors have also taken notice, regularly sharing treats and toys with the supportive pup.