Bailey the golden retriever and his new feline friend are giving a whole new meaning to the expression “Getting along like cats and dogs!”

Bailey is an adorable retriever with a heart of gold. And when he’s not charming everyone with his own overwhelming cuteness, he hangs out with his new feline friend: a tiny kitten who just can’t get enough of the big goof!

The two YouTube videos (lower in the article) showing their interactions are just what you need to instantly improve your mood and make the soul go “dawwww.”

Lying on a bed, Bailey becomes the little cat’s very own cuddle toy as it snuggles up close and seems to get lost in retriever’s luxurious coat. There’s even some grooming going on, and Bailey’s more than ok with it, occasionally lifting his head – which by itself is bigger than kitty – to venture some approving sniffs.

The precious pair seem inseparable and this definitely looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship – one that the internet wants to see more of, judging by the million-plus views the two clips got.

Bailey’s already a doggy influencer in his own right, with more than 18,000 followers on his Instagram page, funnydogbailey, to add to the 524,000 subscribers he’s racked up on YouTube.


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