It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the home of Sheila, a foster mom in Portland, Oregon. For years, Sheila’s resident rescued Sphynx Cat, Gumby, has been loving his life as an uncle to hundreds of foster kittens that have grown up in the home. Then, they find homes through the Oregon Humane Society.

Here is Gumby looking a little grumpy with a foster kitten, Anchor, who seems to have picked up the grumpy face. Recently, Anchor has found a forever home and will be well-adjusted after spending time with his Uncle Gumby.

Gumby, Sphynx cat with Anchor the kitten, Portland, Oregon, Sheila, 3

So, it looks like Gumby will have to find more kittens to serve as “his personal heater!

Uncle Gumby and Friends

Just in time for the holidays, Sheila took in a “Christmas foster” named Ponyo. The cute black and white 10-week-old kitten is the only survivor from her litter and was underweight. But she was feisty from the start… that is, after she recovered from a URI. Ponyo has cleverly been luring Gumby out of his warm bed, wanting more playtime. 

Other times, Gumby lures in Ponyo using his tail just like a fishing lure.

Auntie Peanut Butter

Ponyo has also been loving attention from Peanut Butter, getting rowdy in the playroom. The gorgeous calico arrived as a rescued mother with kittens and was a great mom.

Peanut Butter with a kitten

Peanut Butter with one of her kittens

Now, she continues teaching foster kittens like Ponyo to mind their manners. It’s an important lesson for all young ones to learn.

Both Gumby and Peanut Butter have been having a blast in the playroom with the scrappy kitten. When Ponyo goes a bit too far, Gumby gently puts her in her place. And Sheila keeps an eye on them, redirecting the kitten’s play when necessary.

“The Christmas baby is receiving a lot of attention. Gumby and Peanut Butter are having a great time. Ponyo loves her playmates,” she said.

After Ponyo got a little too crazy, she came back as if to apologize to Gumby, crawling into the bed to receive forgiveness.

“Ponyo is sorry or really tired. She partly crawled into his bed.”

Learning How to Cat

When Ponyo is ready, the foster mom hopes she will find a home with another kitten, friendly cat like Gumby, or maybe a friendly dog. This kitten has a lot of energy and love to go ’round. Since she grew up without her mother or her littermates, she has some learning to do, but thanks to her Uncle and Auntie, she’s well on her way.

Uncle Gumby and Auntie Peanut Butter

Many thousands have watched Gumby and the foster kittens’ antics on Instagram since the page began in 2014. Gumby was rescued in November 2020 from the Oregon Humane Society with another name, “Harry,” and got a new name. 

Immediately, the three-year-old Gumby loved the kittens and wanted to be around them. But first, he had to recover from chronic upper respiratory issues and other health concerns.

“I called him gum ball because he looks like a gum ball when he’s loafing. He’s wrinkled like chewed gum and he responds to the name and it has apparently stuck,” Sheila said.

Gumby in a ball with foster kittens

Gumby also regularly spars with Peanut Butter, who he sometimes tries to use as a pillow. They also get into it when Peanut Butter takes the heated bed, a coveted place for a velvety Sphynx Cat to be.

“If there’s a heated bed in the house, Gumby will find it,” Sheila says.

The pretty Peanut Butter joined the family in January and has been enjoying teaching the foster kittens to cat along with Gumby. Sheila rescued a very pregnant Peanut Butter (then Romy) from a shelter with a collar that read “abandoned” in 2021. Now she and Gumby have the best lives and have lots of fun helping the foster kittens. Paw it forward!

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