Who here has heard of tortitude? Tortie owners report a range of behavioral quirks including excessive vocalization, boundless energy, and a general sassiness. Living with a tortie, cat lovers suggest, can mean contending with an above-average amount of other unwanted behaviors, like scratching and nipping. And the tortie we are featuring today is absolutely no exception. 

When we came across a hilarious video of a tortie cat with her teeth sunk so deep into a chicken wing that it took three humans to restrain her and forcefully remove the chicken wing from her mouth, we had to stop and laugh for awhile. The tortitude is STRONG with this one. Other tortie owners from all over the place chimed in with their own stories of spicy torties an their feisty personalities. Though tortoiseshell cats aren’t a breed all their own, felines with the tortoiseshell pattern are well known for possessing their own quirky (some might say spicey) temperament. Let’s check this tortie out! 


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