A recent video shows a Shih-Poo acting a little bit unusual.

The clip, which has over 19 million views, has users in tears and probably shaking their heads in agreement.

In the TikTok, the dog is seen getting examined by her owner as she records for the world to see.

“Chanel was acting weird, and her tail was curled down,” she explained in the video, adding that every time she tried to lift the doggo’s tail in the slightest bit, the Shih-Poo, a mixed breed combining a Shih Tzu and a poodle, would start howling.

She was sure something was wrong and didn’t mind dropping the $145 on a vet visit for some peace of mind.

The vet then provided a reassuring and heartwarming explanation for the dog’s pain: Chanel had simply wagged her tail so much out of happiness, that she had over-wagged it, making it sore.

Chanel suffers from the canine “happy tail” phenomenon

Referencing the vet’s iconic discovery, Chanel’s owner wrote via on-screen text that her pup “just lives too good a life.” Though it may be painful for Chanel at the moment, the news was likely a breath of fresh air for her owner as her dog simply suffers from too much happiness.

In the comments section, many users also joke and discuss the “happy tail” phenomenon, with one woman who works for a vet even reporting that she once had to amputate a dog’s tail because it had wagged too much.


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