A number of animals across the animal kingdom will eat their young, or in the case of these bears, males killing young cubs. It’s pretty savage to witness a mature boar going after a helpless young cub, but it’s rather common, especially during mating season.

Long story short, if the boar wants to mate with the sow and of the sow still has her cub around, the boar may try to kill it. Why? Because the sow won’t mate when she still has her cub.

Sometimes a sow will send her cub on its own, in an effort to save its life from a larger male. It sounds kind of cruel to our human brains, but mama bears will essentially kick their cub out of the house around 3 of 4 years old.

However, in the event that mature boar wants to kill the cub, the sow will usually try to defend her cub. But, against bigger and stronger boar, the effort may be futile.

However, that wasn’t the case for this mama bear in the Palencia region of Northern Spain.

According to reports, Claudio Sordo Velasco was hiking in Montaña Palentina Natural Park when he was able to capture insane footage of a male brown bear viciously attacking a mother bear and her cub.

The mama bear did her best to fight off the boar, who was much bigger and stronger, however after a couple minutes of trading blows, both bears go tumbling down the cliff as the cub manages to escape.

The sow, who was taking the brunt of the beating, also took a much harder fall. However, both bears appeared to be moving when the video concluded.

Wildlife workers investigated the area the following day to confirm the status of the bears (and potentially rescue the cub) and found that the 500-pound boar had died from his injuries.

The sow on the other hand, had holed up in cave with her cub, but was still alive.

Wildlife officials will attempt to feed the wounded bear, as well as provide water, to give it the best chance to survive.

A similar incident happened recently at Yellowstone National Park, although, that cubs wasn’t so lucky… the mother didn’t much make effort to defend her subadult male young and he was ultimately killed by the courting boar.


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