There’s no shortage of heartwarming New Year’s stories across the globe but this little incident involving a stray cat and a kitten and the owner of the Totally Rad Toyhouse is one of the best! For a week until the New Year, the owner of the store, LJ aka Laura, had found a stray cat out of her store which kept coming back.

The owner wanted to put her in a foster home to make sure she does not get caught in the horrid winters and had reached out to Jenn, who volunteers at the Metro Animal Care and Control. However, Laura remained unaware that the stray had a baby kitten as well. When the owner found the stray, she followed it and the cat led her to the kitten it had been caring for! The pair of cats were living in a wooden structure where the stray had dug a hole to make a home.

“She’s been trying to find a foster for her, but she didn’t know the cat had a baby,” Jenn said. “Last week in Nashville, we experienced record cold temperatures and ice/snow. The shop owner was so worried about the cat that she went looking for her,” she added. It was then reported that Laura managed to access the hideout and save both the cats. They are now fostered by Jenn and are called Pepper Potts and Jarvis. They rang in the New Year in a warm home.

Pepper Potts and Jarvis (Instagram)
Pepper Potts and Jarvis survived subzero temperatures (Instagram/@nashfosterkittens)

“Saving these cats and kittens truly takes a village. I’m so glad that she took the time and did the work to help them,” Jenn said. She has also gone to add that while the cats took time to get used to being cared for, they have since opened up well. “I won them over with treats and lots of pets, and they’re already opening up so much,” Jenn added. She has found that they are a pair of fun-loving cats and they adore loving belly rubs! “They greet me at the door and roll over for belly rubs,” she added.

Pepper Potts and Jarvis are up for adoption, ideally as a pair (Instagram/@nashfosterkittens)
Pepper Potts and Jarvis are up for adoption, ideally as a pair (Instagram/@nashfosterkittens)

Jenn has also said that the cats are extraordinary for surviving subzero temperatures and that the older cat is very protective of the little one. “She is so protective of him and follows him around my foster room, making sure he’s safe,” Jenn stated. “He loves to snuggle her and thinks her tail is the best toy of all time,”. In a couple of weeks, the cats will (ideally) be up for adoption as a pair for anyone willing to give them a forever home.

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