When canine companions Wallace and Pippa’s owner had to leave the dogs at home, she was very worried that this would end in disaster. She set up a camera to monitor the pair of four-legged friends, and the video footage has TikTok users in tears for all the right reasons.

The woman had left her two dogs alone together for the very first time. Unlike golden retriever Wallace, Pippa had only been living with her for a few weeks.

Because of this, the dogs’ owner was extremely worried about leaving her four-legged friends on their own in her apartment for any length of time.

To ease her troubled mind, the TikToker installed a camera to check in on how her doggos were doing in her absence.

In a video posted on her dog’s dedicated page @wallaceisgolden that’s garnered over 525,000 views, the owner wrote: “POV you were worried about leaving your dog and puppy along for the first time so set up a camera to make sure they were OK.”

Instead of a full-on disaster, the surveillance camera filmed something heart-achingly adorable.

The two dogs get along splendidly

In the surveillance clip, Pippa and Wallace are seen frolicking together in the living room. Clearly, the dog siblings were enjoying each other’s company without starting any funny business!

It almost seems as if golden retriever Wallace is watching over little Pippa as he was constantly seen chasing her back to the safety of her dog bed. “He took big brother duty seriously,” the dogs’ owner proudly captioned the snippet.

TikTok users chimed in to compliment Wallace’s stellar job of holding down the fort. “Wallace is saying, ‘My hoomans put me in charge and I can’t lose you, get back to bed,'” one user wrote in the comments.

Another gushed, “This is why labs and retrievers are the best dogs in the world,” while someone else commented, “Isn’t it awesome how a puppy can bring out the puppy in an older dog?”


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