Meet Franklyn, the huge dog to whom size doesn’t matter in the least.

This ‘clumsy’ six-foot Newfoundland comes in at a whopping 126 pounds, but he still thinks he’s a ‘lapdog’.

Franklyn loves squashing his owners for cuddles and attention, and was even kicked out of puppy school for sitting on smaller dogs.

His owner Shauna Connors previously stopped her pets from jumping on the sofa, but one-year-old Franklyn ‘does what he wants’ because of his sheer size.

A viral video shows him crawling all over her husband Travis as he lies down on the sofa, lifting his massive paws up to stand on Travis’ stomach.

Travis, 47, can be heard exclaiming in discomfort – as one would – while Franklyn shuffles around getting settled.

Shauna said she’s worried her sofa will break in the new year when her huge dog is fully grown and could weigh 196 pounds.

Shauna, from Nova Scotia, Canada, said: ‘He has no idea how big he is. He thinks of himself as a small lap-dog.

‘It’s hard to say no when he wants to cuddle. It’s difficult to stop him because there’s room for him to climb up there. I’m worried my sofa’s going to buckle, because he’s really heavy.

‘With previous dogs, we’d never let them on the furniture, but he’s very determined and stubborn so he does what he wants.

‘He got kicked out of puppy class because he was bigger than the other dogs and he’d sit on them during playtime. He’s definitely clumsy.

‘Everyone says he would be so cuddly, cute and fun to have, but they’re a lot of work. We take it day by day.

‘We knew what we were signing up for, but you think you’re prepared and your house is puppy-proofed, but you forget he’s going to be so tall and do whatever he wants.’

Franklyn, who stands six feet tall when he’s on his hind legs, is known to smash glasses, push furniture and shake the dining table mid-meal in search of scraps or one of his toys.

Shauna said: ‘Sometimes he’ll come through the room and push things out of the way like they’re nothing. If there’s a crumb of food or a toy behind an object, like the sofa or the coffee table, it’s getting moved.

‘Even taking him on walks in the neighbourhood he wants to play with small dogs but he’s too big for them and they’d go flying. He’d squash them.

‘He is a bull in a china shop. He doesn’t mean to be destructive, but he’s so big, and his tail is so fluffy, we can’t keep anything on the coffee table because they tend to go flying.

‘Our reflexes have definitely improved over the past year to save the least. Catching glasses and things like that.

‘He’s too big to fit underneath the dining room table to look for scraps, but it doesn’t stop him trying. The table shakes and everyone has to grab their plates.

‘When the kids come home he’ll come running towards them, and sometimes he’ll knock them over.

‘He prefers to lie on the floor, but if someone’s on a sofa, and he wants to cuddle, he’s going to cuddle and you have no say.’

The family wanted a Newfoundland because they felt he’d fit in with their tall family, who all stand about 5ft 10in.

Shauna says he’s the perfect mix of brawn and cuteness, and we think she makes a great point.

Viewers online seem to think so too, with one fan writing: ‘I’ve had a horrible day and this stopped me crying. Thank you.’

Another said: ‘There’s a grizzly bear in your living room.’


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