A pup named Birdie is expressing regret after she excitedly pulled a fire alarm while at doggy daycare.

Birdie, a 3-year-old golden retriever, was at Dogwoods Lodge in Grimes, Iowa earlier this month when she jumped up and pulled the fire alarm by mistake, owner Jessica Tapper told The Des Moines Register.

The Johnston-Grimes Metropolitan Fire Department arrived at the daycare for pups, but no one knew who actually pulled the alarm until they viewed surveillance footage. That’s when Birdie was caught in the act.

Tapper described Birdie as a belly rub fanatic, telling the outlet that she typically goes “nuts” on the regular, including the day she pulled the fire alarm.

Due to her energetic demeanor, Birdie often graces the “crazy room” at the daycare instead of the “lazy room,” Tapper shared with the Register, adding: “She plays nonstop.”

Firefighter Nick Pearson said the incident served as an excuse for his fellow firefighters to pay the cute pups a visit.

“Just a false alarm, it happens sometimes,” he told the Register before he joked, “We are happy to go there and see dogs once in a while, so it’s OK.”

Birdie issued a sweet apology via Instagram, wearing a sign addressed to the local fire department that read: “I’m sorry I pulled the fire alarm today. Sincerely, Birdie.”

Birdie tested our fire system today and wanted to apologize to her dog friends and the fire dept. 🙂 #johnstongrimesmetrofire,” Dogwoods Lodge shared in the caption.

Birdie might be the only dog to have that experience. “Needless to say we are getting covers now. We already have some ordered,” Tapper told the outlet.

Dogwoods Lodge did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

In the comments section, Birdie received lots of support. “Not your fault sweet girl you are just livening up the party,” one social media user wrote as another told the doggy: “It’s okay Birdie. Mistakes happen.”

Referencing Birdie’s furry white appearance, one follower added, “BIRDIE!!! What a lamb.”


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