We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: We don’t deserve dogs! 

Nothing is more wholesome than seeing a dog that’s life started tragically, blossom into living their best life. 

That is exactly what’s happening for sweet Bessie. She’s living in a warm and loving foster home and her personality has been able to explode out of its shell. Whatever her life had tragically dished out to her perviously, it doesn’t matter to her anymore. She seems happier than a clam. Recently, Chewy, a company known for the compassion and generosity, sent Bessie a little present. It was a dog bed. Her very first dog bed. 

To us it might seem trivial, having a bed to yourself. That’s one of the basic items we attain the second we’re born. But this was epic for foster pup Bessie and her reaction said just that. 

She does the classic fully booty wiggle wag that pitties are so well known for and, though you can tell she’s trying to hold in her excitement as much as possible and be polite, she is bursting at the seams with excitement. Just see for yourself below!


@lennyandthecats Thank you #chewygivesback @Chewy for sending Bessie girl her very own bed!! 🥹🐾🐕‍🦺 #notanad #bestcustomerservice #animaltok #dumpeddogtoloveddog #mandalorian #fosterdogsoftiktok #bess #lennyandthecats #dogloversoftiktok #chewychattypets ♬ Married Life (From "Up") – Sergy el Som

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