San Francisco, California – A veterinary technician has gone viral on TikTok for comforting a panicked dog! This vet tech clearly cares for her patients, and we’re here for it.

When she calmed down a disoriented dog after it woke up from anesthesia, TikToker Alina Rojas proved that she’s got what it takes to be an emotional support human.

In the vid, the veterinary nurse from California cradles and comforts a tiny pooch that’s wrapped up like a baby.

The doggo whines, barks, and howls fearfully while Alina calmly coos and rocks it.

Though the clip is just 40 seconds long, Alina said calming down the poor pooch took 30 minutes. But the nurse did it anyway.

The vet tech’s efforts clearly paid off. The dog is cool as a cucumber at the end of the clip. The two even pose together!

The adorable clip went viral quickly, and now has nearly 16 million views and 3.5 million likes.


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