Being a cat mom is a really difficult job sometimes. Don’t underestimate the needs of a kitten, okay? Just because they’re tiny and don’t talk doesn’t mean that they don’t have a whole lot to learn. And cat moms can get just as tired as human moms when taking care of their babies. Cat moms need help from their humans with their kittens sometimes. Heck, sometimes, a cat mom will bring its kitten to its human just to have a short break. 

But being a stray mom cat is even more difficult. There are so many dangers in the world to itty bitty kittens like that, and it can be so dang hard to find food, that drastic measures are sometimes necessary. We’ve seen, in the past, cat moms bringing their kittens to stranger humans to get some help. Thankfully, some people do help – they feed the cats, maybe even give them shelter. It’s rare though, for those people to adopt the cat as well. Which makes the people in this video all that much more special – because they adopted six whole cats. 


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