There’s something so special about wildlife, especially in Virginia. From the gorgeous animals that roam Shenandoah National Park to the sealife along the coast, Virginia’s wildlife is worth celebrating and protecting. That’s why we are grateful for destinations like Rockfish Wildlife Sanctuary that are committed to protecting and healing even the smallest of animals. This little-known animal sanctuary in Virginia is one where all ages can learn about the importance of protecting Virginia’s native species.

It’s important to note that this wildlife center in Virginia is not open to the public on a daily basis.
However, throughout the year, the sanctuary offers free educational programs and outreach events. Those who have attended in the past agree that it’s well worth making the trip!
Each year, nearly 900 animals are rehabilitated. How remarkable is that?
The beautiful property in Nelson County is made up of two indoor nurseries and 50 outdoor enclosures.
The wildlife sanctuary is also an incredible resource for knowing what to do should you encounter an injured animal.

Learn more about the Rockfish Wildlife Sanctuary in Virginia and how you can plan a visit, donate, or even sponsor an animal. There are also ways to volunteer if you’re interested in helping out with the native wildlife community in Virginia. Looking for more? Check out our collection of articles outlining all things wildlife in Virginia.

Address: Rockfish Wildlife Sanctuary, 5450 Wheelers Cove Rd, Shipman, VA 22971, USA

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